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My good friend, Pete Youngs, just released his new paperback book today! It's called "Fixing to Make a Fortune", Mr. Rehab's Guide to the World of Renovating Houses".

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If you are a rehabber, landlord, flipper, or property manager, you need this book!


Pete covers fixing up property for 50% off regular rehab rates and how you can get 25% discount on listed REO’s. Everything from mold inspection, hiring contractors, contractor discounts and much more.

Pete is donating a portion of these book sales to the continued research, prevention and cure efforts for COVID19.

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Pete's book is very informative and entertaining!

Please help by going to Amazon to order your copy today while he has enough to last!

Oh, by the way...Pete has donated over 100,000 masks, gloves, snacks and over 150 cases of drinks to Atlanta area hospitals and workers so far!

Thank you so much, and enjoy Pete’s latest tips!!!


- Carl Fischer,

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